Birthday Wishes Card Making Challenge

Birthday Wishes 10,000 card challenge Stampin' Up! UK

Stampin’ Up! has a long history of supporting philanthropic causes. ‘Helping others’ and ‘making a difference’ is part of our mission statement. Over the past two decades, almost three decades in fact, we are very proud to have seen demonstrators all over the world embrace these words and make a difference in the lives of others.

To celebrate the 10th year of Stampin’ Up! in the UK, we have been challenged to make 10,000 cards to donate to Stampin’ Up!’s charity of choice – Ronald McDonald House Charity. As part of this I will be hosting a fabulous weekend of crafty fun here on my blog and over on my Facebook page…. and I would LOVE you to join me!

Keep watching for more information about how you can join in the crafty fun!