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I don’t have a card for you today, I know, its really shocking isn’t it! but at a recent Stampin’ team training day I was asked to tell my stampin’ story! and I thought I probably should tell you to!

I have always been crafty, my mum always described me as ‘the artistic one’ but I’m not really sure that is particularly accurate, even after many many many hours of lessons I still can’t draw for example. But I have always done something creative; as a kid I loved painting (and actually still do when I get time) but I’m not very good at getting myself messy, I don’t like getting paint on my hands, and I’m still not keen on getting inky fingers! I have spent hours crocheting, knitting, and as I student I tried photography just to get some creativity in my life. I don’t think I’d survive without doing some form of creative escape-ism.

So, fast forward to 3 years ago, and I had moved out of home and in with my boyfriend (now husband) and we had no money, but I needed my creative fix. And I found Scrapbooking – which I still LOVE to this day! – and just had to have a go. I bought heaps of pretty paper, and card stock, and stickers, I shopped on the tele, I shopped from America, and I loved it. But I couldn’t find anyone else to share my hobby with. I turned to YouTube, and eventually found Stampin’ Up! (for the 3rd time, but that’s another story). I had turned to card making as a way of using up my scraps, but found that I loved cardmaking even more that I loved scrapbooking.

I quickly decided that I just HAD to join and be a part of this awesome community, something I hadn’t really found with Scrapbooking. And that’s where my journey took a turn I wasn’t expecting, you see, I have always struggled with anxiety but over the past 10 years my anxiety and panic attacks have been getting slowly worse (this is the point where I had a massive crying fit whilst telling this story at the event a few weeks ago!) but being a part of Stampin’ Up! now means more to me that playing with paper and ink and stamps (which I do really love) but it’s about the relationships I have with my fellow demonstrators and customers. It’s about a community, and friendships I would never have found if it wasn’t for stamping. I’m sure the ladies that came to my first ever class will remember me being incredibly nervous, and talking a whole load of rubbish (actually I’m not sure that has changed) but I LOVED that event, I LOVE sharing stamping with you all. But, I LOVE the fact that my anxiety is lessening, I haven’t had a panic attack in almost 6 months.

So, really this is just a little blog post to say Thank You, thanks to all my stamping friends, whether you’re a customer, a fellow demonstrator, or just someone visiting my little corner of the internet. Thanks!

Hannah McCurley

Stampin’ Up! UK Independent Demonstrator

If you like the project, or any of the products used, would like a catalogue, or to join my team, please contact me, or click on the ‘Shop NOW’ button at the top of the page. You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, About.me, and Tumblr (Links in the sidebar)

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